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17th KOI World Cup and International Training Camp
The 17th KOI World Cup held in Latina near Rome was attended By 24 countries and 500 participants. Again we had so many people for the training camp that we had to use the newly built archery hall as well as the stadium itself. The downside was that the weather was extremely hot and the Latina City Council did not switch on the air conditioning until Thursday. Shame on them!

Unfortunately the current political climate resulted in visa problems for many of our members and six countries that had intended to take part were unable to attend. Nevertheless the rest of us had a great time training together and the competition once more was relatively injury free. Kobe Osaka Russia under the leadership of Kamil Mousin as expected took the lion's share of the medals, the dedication and skill of the Russian competitors is a shining example to all of us. Tommy Morris presented Kamil Mousin with his 6th Dan in appreciation of his unstinting and tireless efforts in developing and building Kobe Osaka Russia into the hugely successful organisation that it has become. KOR has competed in all seventeen KOI World Cups.

Tommy Morris presenting Kamil Mousin with his 6th Dan

Thanks again to all our referees and judges, to the Kobe Osaka Italia table staff, the KOI Organising Committee, Ronald Meijer, Tania Drozdova, Alison Morris and all of those who gave of their time so willingly. What a terrific job they did and we completed the last category within 15 minutes of the scheduled finishing time on Sunday afternoon! To all our tired and weary workers, well done, you made KOI 17 another resounding success.

You can view/download the results by clicking on the appropriate link. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.

Click here to see the Medals Table

Click here to see the Results

The Training Camp
The Training Camp was very well attended with Sport Kumite handled by Richard Callaghan and Marco Mazzanti. The Shotokan section was looked after by Jaap Smaal and Morad Assem, the Wado section by Loh Beng Hooi, Shitoryu/Shukokai section was run by Steven Morris and Patrick Lim. Steven also undertook the training of the instructor's class and Richard, Marco, Jaap and Patrick all took various modules as did Tommy Morris.

Richard Callaghan, Marco Mazzanti, Loh Beng Hooi, Tommy Morris, Steven Morris, Jaap Smaal

Steven Morris teaches the Instructor's class

Jaap Smaal and Loh Beng Hooi

No doubt about this one!


Russian Team Kata Champions

To see a slide show of photographs all courtesy of Øistein Haagensen click here

The Referee Course
The referees course was attended by 55 persons and the practical examination was conducted using the 18-20 year old male and female categories which started on Thursday 3rd July.

The Congress
The Congress took place in the Latina City Council Chambers followed by a buffet reception.

Team Leaders
As always a big thank you to all the people who make the KOI possible; the referees, the team leaders and heads of delegation, for their continued support and the effort they make to bring their competitors and students.

Kobe Osaka Italia
Gina Ragazzo and Fabio Meini did a huge amount of work to make KOI 17 possible. They gained a lot of sponsorship and huge publicity for KOI. Fabio also completed a tremendous amount of promotional work for us, designing new KOI logos and certificates, the backdrops for the podium, the totems showing the tatami numbers, the table covers and various advertising materials. Thanks Fabio and Gina.

The Future
KOI 18: Kuching, Sarawak, 19th-26th July 2009
KOI 19: Apeldoorn, Netherlands July 2010

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